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(Quality Circle Lens customers are expected to understand this before ordering)

Please read the following before ordering:
1. Pre-order require full payment either via our online system, or Paypal/Credit Card Invoice, or in person payment at our home office.
2. Please email qualitycirclelens@gmail.com for ordering if you additional inquiries or special requests.
3. All our lenses are ordered from GEO Korean Medical contact lens, the official and authentic GEO contact lenses. They come in sealed vials with anti-fraud sticker at the bottom of the vial.
4. All pre-order sales are final. We only allow a 75% refund if the item from pre-order is not shipped or ordered. We allow an exchange of item if the item has not been shipped or ordered. All shipped or ordered items are non-exchangable and non-refundable.
If we mix up your order, we will only exchange UNOPENED vials, and after you have returned your lenses to us in original condition. OPENED vials will not be accepted.
5. All shipping dates are not confirmed, as we cannot control the shipping process.
6. Once we have given you time and notice for lenses to be pick up, it is your responsibility to come for the lenses.
7. All defective or issues you may encounter with the product is not our liability. However, we will contact GEO for you to find a solution, but no resolution is guaranteed.
8. For all items shipped, we do not hold responsibility for any damages not on our part. We will bubble wrap the package to the best of our ability.
9. Instock lenses are final sale. No exchanges, no returns and no refunds.


#VIP Members: Ordered over 10 pairs (regular or sale pricing) within 1 year - will receive 10% off their purchase.


#Refer 5 friends (who will each purchase at least one pair of lenses) - receive a 1 time 10% discount.

#For Bulk orders 25 pairs, 50 pairs, 100 pairs pricing inquiry - please email qualitycirclelens@gmail.com.

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