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Please follow the below instruction:




- Always wash and dry your hands before handling your contact lenses.
- Remove the lens from the package. make it a habit of handling the right lens. first, which will prevent you from mixing up the lenses.
- Place the lens on your index finger.
- Check that the lens is clean and the right side is up (See image above)
- Hold your upper lid open with your left hand's index and second finger. At the same time hold your lower lid open with the second finger of your right hand.
- Look straight at your eye in the mirror, and slowly and gently place the lens on your eye.
- Carefully release your eyelids and blink.
- You can gently massage your eyelid to center the lid.


- Look up and hold your lower lid down.
- Pull the lens downwards, and gently with your index finger and your thumb pinch the edges of the lens and remove it from your eye.


- Duration recommended for wearing GEO contact lenses: Day 1: 2hrs max, Day 2: 4hrs max, Day 3: 6-8hrs max, Day 4 and onward: 8-10hrs max.
- Recommended usage between 6-10 hours a day. (Can last between 8 months up to 1 year depending on usage)

- Always wash your hands before handling contact lenses, and be sure your contact lenses are clean as well.
- Clean, rinse, disinfect and soak your contact lenses with lens solution. Eg. "RENU" or "CLEAR CARE" solution, to maintain sterility when not wearing the contact lenses
- Always handle your right lens first and your left lens last.
- Do not let hair spray or other cosmetic aerosols come in contact with your lenses.
- Put your contact lenses in after applying hair products like hairspray, and before applying cosmetics, especially eye makeup.
- Remove your lenses before taking your makeup off.
- Do not lend your lenses to anyone. They are only for one patient at a time.
- Do not participate in any water sport with your lenses on.
- Remove your lenses before going to sleep. Your cornea may not get the necessary oxygen while you are sleeping.
- Insert your lenses before putting makeup on.
- If you work in a hazardous environment, or with chemicals, you should not wear contact lenses to work. Gases and solutions can get behind your lenses and cause permanent eye damage.
- Make sure you don't catch a contact lens in between the edge of your case and the top of the case. Push the contact to the bottom of the case before closing the lid on that side.
- If one eye starts to bother you more than the other, switch it by placing it on the different eye for a few minutes to determine if your lens is bad. If, during the switch, the same lens continues to bother you, you probably are over-wearing the contact lens and need to give your eyes a rest. Try cleaning the contact lens. If cleaning doesn't help, the contact lens will probably need to be replaced.
- If your eyes get red and irritated or if you feel any pain remove your lense and contact your eyecare practitioner.
- Keep your contacts either in your eyes or in your case.
- Remember regular check-ups and always follow the advise of your eyecare practitioner.

Thank you for reading. We hope you have an enjoyable experience wearing GEO contact lenses from QUALITY CIRCLE LENS.

Please feel free to email us at qualitycirclelens@gmail.com if you have more questions or concerns.

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