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***WHO ARE WE?***
We are a Vancouver, Canada based major distributor of GEO Medical Contact Lenses. We offer 100% authentic GEO contact lenses straight from Korean! We offer clear contacts, colour contact lenses, cosmetic big eye lenses, crazy lenses for fun occasions and cosplay/animation lenses! Great for anyone who loves fashion, beauty or just a little bit of fun in your life. Please come check out our selection and pass on the word to all your friends! Thanks for your support!

We offer over 100 different types of GEO contact lenses and offer guaranteed LOW PRICES for AUTHENTIC GEO Contact Lenses. We also offer Regular and VIP Membership discounts and other perks. Please see before for more information. GEO Contact Lenses have been approved by the FDA, and has international certifications: ISO9001:2001 certification, ISO1348 Certificate, CE mark and KGMP Certification.

GEO contact lenses, also known as Circle Lenses, Cosmetic Contact lenses or "Big Eye" Lenses makes eyes bigger, brighter and more defined! They give you eyes that famous Japanese fashion models such as Miss Masuwaka Tsubasa have! Check out our our wide variety of GEO contact lenses selection for the perfect lenses for you!

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Thank you for choosing Quality Circle Lens! We guarantee you get the lowest price for the best quality and service!!

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  1. Great customer service.

  2. AWESOME SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ XD

  3. I just received my circle lenses in the mail, and I absolutely love them! I have never had circle lenses before, and I've heard so many stories about getting screwed over by both the product and the service provider. Buuut, I took a leap of faith here, and I'm glad I did.

    First, when I placed the order, Cynthia was right on top of correspondence with me and letting me know that I will get my lenses asap. I asked about when I would receive them so I knew when to expect them, and she said before the end of October, all while explaining why and how the shipping process worked on her end. Sure enough, just when I was thinking that they should be in the mail in the last week of October, they showed up very promptly!

    Now it was time to see the product's quality. When ordering, I was nervous about not only choosing the right, most natural color for me, but also wondering if the prescription would be right. However, all of those worries melted away when I popped in the lenses. I loved them right when I put them in. They are easy and fun to use; they feel just like my regular contacts. Now people wonder what is a little bit different about me! ^_^ Now that I've tried them, I think I might be a little gutsier in picking out a fun color. I'm definitely going back to Cynthia for all of my circle lens needs.

  4. Unbelievable customer service, very quick and helpful responses(:
    I received my lenses very quickly, and the quality of the lens are great!

  5. Cynthia is wonderful! Her customer service is the best! The lenses are very high quality with the lowest price I ever seen on internet. I would definitely recommend this website if you want yo buy circle lenses!


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